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Omaha for Beginners

By Mel Judah on October 10th, 2009.

Omaha Hi – In Omaha you are dealt four cards. You must use any two cards from your hand. Here are some pointers to help your game.

1. Make sure all four cards are connected and working for you

2. Do not get carried away with two Aces in your hand before the flop if the other 2 cards are not working for you. ie; A,A,3,9 unsuited.  With this hand you should try to see a cheap flop.

3. As Aces in Hold’em are a big favourite, in Omaha, they are a small favourite because it’s a four card game.

4. If you flop a set of 10’s in a multi-way pot, tread carefully because a 10 generally helps your opponents hand with a wrap straight if there are connecting cards on the flop. ie;  Flop – 10,9,2 – possible opponents hand A,K,Q,J or 7,8,J,Q.

5. Do not play for a flush if the board is paired. You might be drawing dead because more often than not someone has a full house.

6. When you flop the nut straight and there is a lot of raising going on before it’s your turn, you have to consider folding if you do not have a re-draw, (another drawing hand beside the nut straight) because your opponents may have the same hand with a re-draw, so it would not be profitable for you to call. ie; Your hand is A,3,8,9; your opponents hand are 7,8,8,9 and 8,9,10,10; The Flop is 5,6,7. It would be better to give up the pot in this situation as it would be too costly for you to find out.

7. If you have flopped bottom set and the board pairs up, you should check and only call because it’s likely your opponent may have flopped top 2 pairs or a better set. In these situations you have to pay attention to what type of opponents you are up against to make the correct decision.

Heads-up is very different because you are playing more hands and it is not necessary that you always have to have a premium starting hand. There is more bluffing and trapping in this situation.